Marty is truly a dream come true for me. A once in a life time dog. I have been told by numerous people that he is a great representation of the Boxer breed.

He has a perfect, beautiful head with warm sparkling dark eyes that melt you when he looks at you. His body is flawlessly smooth with great shoulders that flow smoothly into the rest of his perfectly angled body. He covers ground effortlessly with tons of reach and drive.

He is an absolute picture when he is stacked on display. Marty’s personality is sweet, playful, loving, gentle, heart warming and sensible. He is truly the ideal dog to have live in your home with you. He is so calm and quiet, everyone adores him when they come over.

All who come over tell me they want a dog just like Marty with his personality. I tell them all that he truly isstars one in a million. I love him dearly and could never part with him for the world.

Update 2009
Marty passed away March 30th, 2009. Marty was a very dear and special boy to us that we thought the world of. Even though his life of 6 1/2 years was all too short, his life was full with love and affection that my husband and I would lavish upon him daily. He was so very spoiled but so deserving of it.

Marty was born into this world in my husband's arms, and passed away in my arms. With me whispering kind words of love in his ears, I was the last thing he heard, the last person he smelled, and the last person he saw as he slipped away.

My Marty was Simply beautiful, Simply elegant, Simply gentle, Simply special. My Marty was Simply Maserati.

We will forever miss him, and never forget him.

Marty's health testing :
SAS tested - clear
EKG tested - Normal
OFA echocardiogram with color flow doppler - Normal.
(No signs of congenital cardiac disease was recognized.)
OFA Hips - Good
OFA Thyroid - Normal

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